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American Kestrep Wood Carving in 3D


American Kestrep Wood Carving in 3D carved by John Arvanis 1/4/2020 with Thuya Burl mount.

Click image to get a 3D display. There are 6 rows of 24 images in this ObjectVR display. Zoom in too … this is a high resolution image.

John Deere Classic Tee Marker in 3D


I've been working to develop my product photography skills … and especially creating 3D Object VR Images. This is my latest example that uses 4 rows of 24 images. Click through to see the 3D image.

I like to think I'm stepping up my game with this example. A little background as to how this is created …

I'm now using a Fanotec Nodal Ninja Mecha Rotator (E2) to spin the object on a turntable. I program this to take 24 photos in a rotation, one photo every 15 degrees. When the turntable rotates it stops and then tells my camera to take a photo every 15 degrees. This gives me one row of images.

I should also mention that I set up lighting in my studio based on what I learned from David Hobby's lighting workshop. This is essentially a 2 light setup with a 7' umbrella back left of the camera for fill, and a MagnMod Magbox key light setup camera right. I also have two softboxes that backlight my white linen backdrop. While this is all setup as Westcott Strobes, I only used the modeling lights for this project. I ran into some issues with gross reflections coming off the nameplate. So instead of using strobes, I used the modeling lights and took each photo as a set of 5 brackets to create an HDR image.

So … 4 rows of 24 images with 5 brackets for each image ,,, yes, this consisted of 480 images.

This was all shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III with a 17mm f1.2 Zuiko Lens. I set up the camera to automatically take a 5 bracket series whenever the rotator told it to take a photo.

In order to get each row separated consistently, I used my Fanotec Nodal Ninja V Pano Head to set up each row at 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees respectively.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the setuo.


I use Adobe Lightroom to merge the HDR Images and refine the images. I owe a shout out to Tony Ventouris (http:/ for some great coaching on how to create great product photos.

After merging I used 96 images to create the ObjectVR image. I did have to mask each of these in Adobe Photoshop to create the perfect white background.

Finally, assemble it all for display with Garden Gnome's Object2VR.

It's been a fun project.


I74 Bridge in 3D


Drone view of the I74 Bridge as an ObjectVR Image. 24 images from 400 ft in the air. Click through to see the view in 3D.


TBK Bank Sports Complex


Drone view of the TBK Sports Complex as an ObjectVR Image. 24 images from 400 ft in the air. Click through to see the view in 3D.


John Deere Classic Trophy in 3D


Click through for a 3D visual of the 2020 John Deere Classic Trophy! Spin it, zoom in, full screen it!


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