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Olive Turns Two


Olive Turns Two




Olive frolicking in the back yard.


Bosque del Apache


Sunrise over Bosque Del Apache with a few Snow Geese leaving for their daily feed (above).
Sandhill Crane in flight (below).

Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese and Ducks at Bosque del Apache.

I had the pleasure of visiting Bosque del Apache with Scott Bourne and Bob Davis. The mornings were early, but Scott put us in perfect positions to capture the birds. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.






Florida Golf Trip Wildlife


Florida Golf Trip Wildlife.


Lock And Dam 14 Birds


Just switched camera systems to the Olympus OM-D system. My first shots of Birds in flight with the new system.




Corgi Visit





edgePhotographers come from miles and miles away to photograph the Bald Eagles on the Mississippi River that is just a short jaunt for me. For some reason I've never made this short jaunt … until today. It was a little warm for optimum Eagle photos … although I captured a few. Take a look.
Canon 1DmkIV, Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8, Canon 1.4 Teleconverer.

Celtic Festival / Rita Horses

edgeRita asked me to come capture a few photos of her Gypsy Vanner Horses during the Celtic festival. They are beautiful!

Fashion for Paws

Our host Pam with a few of the attendees and models of the Fashion for Paws fundraiser for the Humane Society. It was a great event with great fashion, great people, and some cute doggies to boot. I captured a few images … Enjoy.

Cox Plate Horse Race - Melbourne Australia

I recently traveled “Down Under” and had the opportunity to take in one of their premium horse races, the “Cox Plate”. This is a legendary horse race in Melbourne, Australia that has been running since 1922. As you may imagine, it has a lot of the “pomp and circumstance” of the Kentucky Derby with a little bit of a “down under” flair. Here are a few photos of the horses, the race action, the people and the fashion.

R&R Stables Photo Shoot

edgeSpent the evening shooting the R&R Stables Ranch and 5 beautiful Gypsy Vanners.

R&R Stables - Sizzle & Rianna

edgeRianna’s new horse Sizzle finally made it home. So we had to grab a couple quick photos. Here are a few.

GCDHA Royal Jubilee Horse Show

edgeI spent the weekend shooting “action” shots at the GCDHA Royal Jubilee Horse Show in Kirkwood, IA. These Gypsy horses are pretty incredible. Take a look at the photos.

R&R Stables Photo Shoot

edgeSpent a few hours today at R&R Stables shooting some magnificent Gypsy Vanner horses. Take a look.

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